Automotive Seat Foam

We offer Automotive Seat Foams for seats of buses, cars and motorcycles. In addition, these Automotive Seat Foams are used as lining for cabins and door pads. We provide Automotive Seat Foam that is also used in carpet underlays and in folding driving seats. We are trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of the Automotive Seat Foam.

Why Our Automotive Seat Foam?

  • A. Good quality raw materials used
  • B. Promising comfort
  • C. Long life
  • D. Economically priced

Home Furnishing Foam

Smooth finish and durability are synonymous with the Home Furnishing Foam that we offer. We are reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Home Furnishing Foam from Odisha. These Home Furnishing Foams are manufactured using the best quality material that ensures their long life. We also cater to the bulk requirements of the Home Furnishing Foam.


  • A. Mattresses
  • B. Pillows
  • C. Cushions
  • D. Sofa Set
  • E. Kitchen Mat
  • F. Carpet underlay
  • G. Household Decoration

Bonded Foam

Bonded Foams are Total Foam Scrab Utilized Re-bonded Foam, which are used for diverse purposes. We are counted among the reliable Manufacturers and Suppliers of the Bonded Foam. These Bonded Foams are designed using quality material and Latest technology that ensure that they do not become saggy even after excessive use. .

Why Our Bonded Foam?

  • A. For Packaging purposes
  • B. In gymnastics and athletics
  • C. In Carpet Underlay
  • D. In Orthopedic Mattresses

Laminated Foam

Highly appreciated in the Automobile sector, the Laminated Foam, which we offer, is used for roof ceiling, heat pads, etc. These Laminated Foams exhibit excellent flexibility and noise reduction capability. Offering such a quality product, we are considered to be amidst the credible Manufacturers and Suppliers of the Laminated Foams.

Why Our Laminated Foam?

  • A. Laminated with excellent quality materials
  • B. Good flexibility
  • C. Excellent noise reduction capacity

Self Adhesive Foam

Exhibiting excellent resistance to high temperatures, our Self Adhesive Foam is laminated with self-adhesive tapes. We are one among the dependable Manufacturers and Suppliers of Self Adhesive Foam. Our Self Adhesive Foams are highly durable, and are majorly used for insulation purposes in pipes. .


  • A. As a heat resistant pad to endure very high temperature
  • B. In roof ceiling pads for automobile cabin

Profile Foam

Exhibiting outstanding sound absorbing capabilities, our Profile Foams are available in diverse sizes and thicknesses as per the needs of the clients. We offer the Profile Foams that are manufactured using the best quality raw materials. We are considered to be trustworthy Manufacturer and Supplier of the Profile Foam from Rairangpur (Odisha).


  • A. In Orthopedic Mattresses
  • B. For engine hood insulation
  • C. As sound absorption pads in automobiles

Rigid Foam

We are A Odisha based Manufacturer and Supplier of Rigid Foams that are used in Panel Partitions, Fiber Boats, etc. We use the best quality material and latest technology to fabricate the Rigid Foam. Our Rigid Foams are made available to the clients at the market leading prices. .

Why Our Rigid Foam?

  • A. High moisture absorbing capacity
  • B. Light weight
  • C. Dimensional stability
  • D. Excellent compressive strength

Fire Retardant Foam

We are counted among the major Manufacturers & Suppliers of Fire Retardant Foam. We offer a wide variety of Fire Retardant Foam for High Tech application in different industries. Our Fire Retardant Foam is characterized by optimum quality and excellent noise reduction capacity. Clients can avail Fire Retardant Foam from us at market leading prices.


  • A. Heat and Sound Insulation for DG Set Canopy.
  • B. Automobile Insulation